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Get ready to pilot the world's most powerful trucks and go head-to-head in pulse-pounding off-road competitions all over the world. Whether you're grinding through the desert of Egypt, crunching up snowy mountains in Russia, or smashing up trees in California to make the ride a little bumpier for the guy behind you, keep your eyes on the prize: the cash you earn on the circuit goes to customize your trucks and build up your ultimate Monster machine.


  • Customize your machine: Personalize your truck's appearance with sweet paint jobs and decals and soup up its performance by maxing out its speed, jumping and destruction capabilities.
  • Money makes the wheels go round: Win races, unleash spectacular stunts and jumps, and demolish everything in sight to win cash and upgrade your Monster truck to the ultimate stomping machine.
  • Test your skills on 40 tracks: Tear through 40 Monster events in the hairiest off-road circuits your tires have ever seen.
  • Show the world what you're made of: Smoke the competition as you blaze through exciting new locations all over the world, such as Egypt, Moscow, Barcelona, San Francisco, South Dakota and more.
  • Dominate in every mode: Master your tricks in Quick Race mode as you taste all of the thrills, spills, twists and rolls of Monster Truck racing. Then turn up the heat in Single Race or Monster League Championship mode and leave your opponents choking.
  • Challenge friends to multiplayer: Demolish friends in four-player split-screen races or crush their hopes of domination in four intense new mini-games.
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Mother of 3
Feb 15, 10 2:53pm
Monster Truck Soccer and Monster Truck flaming barrels are a huge kick. Monster4x4WorldCircuit Xbox
Jan 23, 09 12:41pm
Very difficult to control. Tracks are too repetitive. Monster4x4WorldCircuit Xbox
Gunblader Santino
Jan 26, 07 7:07pm
lets put it this way, its not going to set the world on fire Monster4x4WorldCircuit Xbox
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