MLB SlugFest 20-03 and Alex Rodriguez ignite America's national pastime with a torrid blend of aggressive, adrenaline-style action and authentic Major League Baseball credentials. While the fastest brand of baseball you've ever seen, you must also make decisions that can effect the game's momentum and final outcome. Explosive music from metal rock band Dry Kill Logic, including its all-new, millennium rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".


Adrenaline-style Gameplay: Over-the-top action featuring fast-action batter/pitcher interface, leaping, diving and wall-climbing catches, screaming liners, mammoth deep drives and the fastest game of baseball you've ever seen.


  • MLB Authenticity: Real teams, real players, real stadiums, real stats and real players attributes and attitudes.

  • Revolutionary Batter/Pitcher Interface: Carefully select your pitch or choose to put the batter on his back.

  • Real Player Faces: Unbelievably detailed faces, right down to expressions. You'll even see them chewing gum and talking to their teammates and opponents.

  • Multiple Player Models: Sensational player models the feature different body styles.

  • Control: Intuitive, fast-action, adrenaline-style controls.

    vDynamic Camera Angles: Capture all the backhand grabs, head-turning gappers and brushback pitches.

  • Animations: More then 1.500 outrageous, over-the-top animations that feature your favorite MLB players performing as they only dream they could.

  • Licensed Music: Explosive music from metal rock band Dry Kill Logic, including its all-new millennium rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

  • Extra DVD Content: Experience Dry Kill Logic's exclusive SlugFest music video, "Riot at the Bat Rack!"

  • MLBP & MLBPA Licenses: All of your favorite teams, players and stadiums to dominate with.

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