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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance marks the relaunch of the Mortal Kombat series with an all-new engine delivering punishing action that will reward long-time fans of the franchise as well as next-generation game lovers. The game features intense hand-to-hand and special-weapon combat, secret hidden moves and combinations with deadly body blows and fatalities.


  • Intense hand-to-hand and special-weapon combat

  • Secret hidden moves and combinations with deadly body blows and fatalities

  • Extremely realistic and brutal fighting

  • Features 22 characters, including Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Reptile, and many more

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loved it only thing it didn't have a lot of characters to play with the only bad thing about it 8/10 MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance PS2
Centurion and 21 others own Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Delgaru and 3 others played Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
a good grusome time i had playing this not to bad of game MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
this one is better than deception, but not better than shaolin monks, 7.8/10 MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
The Legandary Fighting Game. 10 out of 10! MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
raiden was the only good fighter to be found, here. well, him and bo-rai-cho MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
2nd best of the MK games I've played! MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
it s fun.. its ok... well, yeah, its ok MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
I got this when it turned platinum for 20 bucks. Its okay, but Im kind of over the Mortal Kombat days. MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Xbox
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8.3 / 10
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