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You begin your service in December of 1942, infiltrating North Africa to help pave the way for Operation Torch. After that, you're off to Italy for the Husky and Anzio operations, then onto France for Operation Overlord (D-Day), and eventually, you'll wind up in Germany itself for the war's final days. Each of Allied Assault's 20 missions is broken down into a series of primary and tactical objectives that must be accomplished before you can move on to your next assignment.


  • Over 20 levels with specific objectives and goals.
  • 3D worlds powered by the Quake III engine.
  • Multiple online options.
  • 22 different enemies including Gestapo officers.
  • Over 21 historically accurate World War II era weapons.
  • Interactive vehicles including the M4 Sherman tank and the M3 Half Track.
    Weather and time-of-day effects.

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