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MechAssualt 2 is the sequel to the popular XBox Live title MechAssualt. Everything has been imporved from graphics to the gameplay on XBox Live. Cause havoc and chaos with a new arsenal of Mechs and some old ones including the new Mech suit which allows you to hijack enemy Mechs.


In this version of MechAssualt you can use BattleMechs, small mobile Mechs which actually allows you to hijack other mechs or tanks. Changes to gameplay include the ability to exit your Mech and walk into buildings and the use of Vertical Landing Craft. These allows you to salvage and drop off parts and transport your BattleMech around.


  • Get out of that 'Mech: In MechAssault 2, you're the man, not the machine. So, for the first time ever, you'll now have the ability to get in and out of your 'Mech to experience warfare up-close and personal. Attach to ally and enemy 'Mechs, scale walls, or hitch a ride on a VTOL aircraft.
  • Protect yourself: With BattleArmor, you can hijack enemy 'Mechs and use them to help your teammates rain down destruction on opponents.
  • Get a new sense of scale: MechAssault 2 uses the graphic superiority of the Xbox to introduce a new perspective that allows you to fully appreciate the size and power of your massive 'Mechs. With action and graphics this realistic, you'll feel like you've been fully immersed into a world where 40-foot 'Mechs reign supreme.
  • Enjoy a compelling, brand-new single-player experience: Delve into the deeply enhanced single-player campaign, filled with seamless storytelling that opens up the universe to a more compelling single-player experience.
  • Experience evolutionary Xbox Live gameplay: Battle for the Inner Sphere against opponents from around the globe via Xbox Live. Whether you live in the United States, Sweden, or anywhere inbetween, you can strategize with teammates about the most effective way to search-and-destroy, while talking trash in real-time to opponents from Germany to Japan.
  • Bring on the destruction: MechAssault 2 pushes the graphical capabilities of Xbox. Experience more incredible explosions and devastating destruction. Witness intense, jaw-dropping weapon and damage effects. See lasers light up the sky, Raptors disappear, and Javelin LRM launchers fly though the air, wreaking havoc on the evil Hand of Blake.
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