Pilot the most powerful weapons available in the 31st century, a 40-foot tall walking tank known as a BattleMech. MechAssault is a 3rd-person action/shooter, where environments are not only fully destructible, they're your weapons. Choose from a dozen 'Mechs ranging from quick 30- tonners to huge 100-ton beasts. Configure your 'Mech and optimize it to crush your opponents. Challenge yourself with 20 single-player missions and get prepared for the ultimate multiplayer online experience.


Massive Destruction on a whole new level: Every structure, bridge, tower, or bus is fully destructible. Blow away everything in the world bit by bit. Blast the side of a building to expose rebar, hanging insulation, and even enemy snipers. Use the environment against your foes. Running low on ammo? Just drop that 20-story building on the infantry and save the firepower for the big guys.

Based on the Mech Warrior series for pc, Mech Assualt puts you in charge of piloting mechs to complete various missions to help stop an enemy clan from taking over. Battle across diverse environments as you have no choice but to become the hero or die trying.


  • Pilot one of a dozen devastating walking tanks: Gamers control the most awesome piece of military machinery ever created. Choose from a dozen unique and formidable BattleMechs each with enough firepower to level a city—literally!

  • Online and Split-screen multiplay: Battle your friends or enemies over the internet! Taunt your competition or strategize with your teammate with full voice communication. MechAssault will ship with complete Xbox online capability and split screen multiplay.

  • Upgrade your 'Mech mid-mission: Pre-mission BattleMech configuration and weapon upgrades within a mission allows players to customize the 'Mech chassis to suit style or mood. Swap out weapons, outfit your 'Mech with Jump Jets, or maximize your armor—the choice is yours.

  • Amazing special effects: Intense, jaw-dropping weapon and damage effects all but demand that the player fire a weapon just to see the effect on the environment. Lasers light up the sky, Particle Projection Cannons electrocute opponents, and magnetically accelerated slugs from the Gauss Rifle are a sight to behold.

  • Dynamic mission-based gameplay: Gamers will be given their military objectives by operatives on the ground and must figure out the best way to accomplish them. The fun starts once you hit the ground running as unexpected events turn routine missions into chaotic all-out frag fests.

  • Epic BattleTech storyline: Engaging heroic characters and stories draw upon the rich 15 year BattleTech history. Play as a member of the fierce WolfDragoon mercenaries and lay the smack down on some poor unsuspecting pirates.

  • Cinematic storytelling: A mission-based storyline punctuated with cinematic scenes provide key information and clues, as well as heighten the drama and importance of the events.

  • Awesome audio: Extensive voice messaging and themed interactive music changes to reflect and drive the pace of the current in-game situation; and audio that reflects the current and constantly changing state of the world are all featured. The experience is heightened using Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

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Very challenging, keeping you busy for hours on end. :) Also, the multiplayer is famous for how good it is. :D MechAssault Xbox

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Be able to jump into dozens of mechs and destroy everything in each level. Battle...


The game is great. It is so much fun to play with your buddies and you wont want to...


This is a GREAT game. I've been playing the PC version online for over a year and...


It is one of those games where the graphics kicks ass. And it is better then those...

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