This 3-on-3 tag-team fantasy fighter features 56 playable characters from the world of Capcom and Marvel. Features include a hyper combo system allowing three characters to link their super moves, various assist character types, and a snap back feature.


All out ring style combat between characters from the Capcom and Marvel Universes. There are various highlights to the gameplay which are:
<li type="circle">Team Hyper Combo - Allows three characters to perform Super Combos successively.

<li type="circle">Snap Back - Forces opponents to change characters

<li type="circle">Assist Type Select - Players choose their favorite assist attack

<li type="circle">Crossover Attack - Players can change characters in the thick of battle

<li type="circle">Crossover Assist - Waiting character rushes on screen to assist your playing character

<li type="circle">Crossover Counter - Waiting character performs lifesaving counterattacks

<li type="circle">Crossover Combination - Three characters perform a Super Combo simultaneously

<li type="circle">Advancing Guard - Allows players to push back their opponent


  • Real 3-on-3 tag team battle!

  • Choose from 56 playable characters

  • Various character types
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AWESOME FIGHTING GAME, memories although i first plsyed it 7-8 years ago MarvelVsCapcom2 DC