Enjoy the excitement of the 2002 NFL football season in Madden NFL 2003. Madden NFL 2003 allows you to control every in-depth aspect of the game, take head-to-head competition to the next level, experience an interactive audio environment, and see and use new animations that help change the way you play the game. Utilize new game modes that help develop critical football related skills, and unlock hidden teams and extra cheat tips to broaden your gaming experience.


  • Sounds Of The Game: Up-to-the-minute stat commentary, on-field player banter, and improved crowd reactions keep the audio realistic and fresh from game to game.

  • Audio Dream Team: Dynamic play-by-play and analysis by Madden and Michaels.

  • All-New Mini-camp: Hop on John Madden's Cruiser Tour Bus and travel to all NFL cities to complete skilled tasks.

  • Create-A-Playbook: Customize receiver routes, player formations, and your team's entire playbook.

  • Deepest Franchise Mode Ever: Play 30 years of Franchise mode and draft players each season with tips from your scouts.

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8/10 MaddenNFL2003 PC
Jul 31, 08 6:15am
Ok MaddenNFL2003 PC
forty2degrees and 2 others own Madden NFL 2003
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awesome MaddenNFL2003 PC
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Big Boss
Dec 28, 05 4:25am
Outdated MaddenNFL2003 PC
Mar 02, 05 1:58pm
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Aug 28, 04 3:20am
my stupid friend still hasnt returned it to me., MaddenNFL2003 PC
Mar 10, 03 1:41pm
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Jan 28, 03 12:59am

This game is good and all but its, the small things in it that make me not like this...

Dec 29, 02 7:46am
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Nov 11, 02 7:54am

The game is very good for haveing some friends over
its sort of like mario party, with...

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