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Resuming where its predecessor, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, left off, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes will broaden the gameplay of KUF:TC allowing you to have new combat moves, a greater amount of single-player modes, and several different Xbox Live features.


* Enhanced gameplay: From improved combat action to the deeper-rooted strategic elements, every element of Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes has been polished and refined to provide you with an exciting and streamlined gameplay experience.
* New characters: Seven new playable characters fight for the honor of their factions. Will they guide their troops to victory and ensure their legacy, or succumb to conquest and defeat? You decide how the adventure unfolds as you choose to step into the light or descend down the path of darkness.
* Action-packed campaigns: Decide the fate of a kingdom as you set out on a journey to explore the growing rift between the two factions. Slash your way through 50 all-new, action-packed missions. Sparks fly and blood runs dry. A faction will be vanquished!
* Xbox Live® features: Up to six players can wage war simultaneously via Xbox Live. Battle the world and prove yourself a hero! Co-op battle lets you and your friends work together in an extravagant display of teamwork.
* Custom Missions: All-new custom missions let you take control and make each experience unique. You define the objectives, set the A.I. difficulty, and master your own creations.
* Special moves and abilities: All heroes have special abilities that can be called upon in the heat of battle. Main heroes can perform melee attacks and various combinations, while sub-heroes and high-level troops have a dazzling array of magical abilities.
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Comments: **Note: No experiance of online play, and written a few years ago, there has...

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A REALLY good, in depth game. An awesome mix of "Warcraft"-esque troop-controlling...

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Meh More Illegal Crap with the my modded Xbox :) KingdomUnderFireHeroes Xbox
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