: : : : : Kao the Kangaroo Round 2


Across five different regions animals have been captured by a ruthless hunter and his bumbling henchmen. In order to free those animals, Kao, a kangaroo that wears boxing gloves, must set out on another adventure to rescue them. Kao isn't the only one to free them though, it seems like two of his friends named Parrot and Glow-Worm have come along!


Accompany Kao through the thickets of Beaver Forest to Ice Land, where you will crush ice with a catapult to climb to a mountaintop and slide down on a snowboard.

You will take part in a speedboat race, plunge into blue ocean and then you will fly on a crazy Pelican across the azure realm, to land on Treasure Island.


  • Travel throughout 20 levels filled rich in colour!
  • Kao can get help from his two friends named Parrot and Glow-Worm!
  • Huge bosses who think they can control the animal world.
  • Plenty of hidden spots and extra levels.

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