Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Reviews

website score publish date 73% May 27 '02
GameZone 8.8/10 May 18 '02
Team Xbox 7.5/10 May 17 '02
The Armchair Empire 8.6/10 May 29 '02
ESCMag 9/10 May 15 '02
EuroGamer 8/10 Jun 20 '02
Game Over 75% Jul 18 '02
Game Revolution B Jun 09 '02
Gamer's Pulse 80/100 Jun 11 '02
GameSpot 7.0/10 May 14 '02
Gamespy 88/100 Jun 10 '02
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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Apr 26 '02
Gamespy Apr 30 '02
IGN Xbox Mar 19 '02
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ESCMag on May 17 '02

"If you liked the original Starfighter, you’re going to like Jedi Starfighter. And even if you never played the original, check out Jedi Starfighter. It’s a damn good game."

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EuroGamer on Jun 20 '02

"Jedi Starfighter has made a perfectly reasonable transition to the Xbox from its previous home on the PlayStation 2, and now occupies the position of the best Star Wars game on the Xbox."

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Game Over on Jul 19 '02

"Jedi Starfighter, after the release of Starfighter, seems a little too convenient, especially since the latter continues to be fresh amongst most Xbox-owning Star Wars fans."

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Game Revolution on Jun 10 '02

"...even though Jedi Starfighter is a solid game, it still doesn't feel like it goes the distance to become a great game. Again, like the original, this incarnation lacks a dynamic storyline or even..."

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Gamer's Pulse on Jun 12 '02

"Jedi Starfighter carries a wide-appeal and delivers with ready-made fun - just don’t expect anything deep, long, or challenging."

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