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You play the role of a Roman slave who rises up to fight against Roman oppressors. In the game's campaign, you will take on an assortment of missions with various objectives along with bosses. Your character can gain strength as you progress and learn new moves amongst a wide variety of fighting styles.


  • An epic cinematic adventure ranging from the streets of Rome to the paradise of Elysium.

  • Intuitive 'in context' fighting style incorporating an advanced multiple-opponent combat system.

  • Use specialized authentic weaponry for different situations.

  • Combo attacks - produce spectacular sequences and gorier deaths. The more fantastic the kill, the higher the Blood Meter rises.

  • Olympian talents - When the Blood Meter is full, increase your strength to Herculean proportions, raise the dead to fight alongside you, and unleash the power of the elements!

  • Finish him! - When stunned, your enemy is open to a specialized and gory coup de grace.

  • Gain experience through combat - the more you kill, the more abilities you learn.

  • Huge variety of opponents - from brutal guardsmen to mythical creatures.

  • Play to the crowd to become their hero!

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