Halo Websites

[Clan] Ghetto Children
Jun 03, 2005 By: Gh3tt0 Child
Cool halo 2 clan site
Aug 29, 2004 By: Terminal
This website is dedicated to the Xbox version of Halo.
Battleground Halo
Jul 08, 2002 By: dj__saturn
A nice, all around Halo site
Aug 29, 2004 By: Terminal
This website features information about Halo for all three platforms it's featured on. This website also features information on Halo 2.
May 31, 2002 By: dj__saturn
This is my own site about halo, it has some great content still on the works, but its gonna be big, check it out you might like it.
Jul 05, 2007 By: Xile75
A new fast growing force in the world of Halo. We have 5 servers, 2 on halo and 3 on halo CE. Come check us out!!
Nov 22, 2005 By: ge_master
Halo respawn screenshots of the key positions and levels! Learn the high traffic areas and find out all the latest news on Halo.
Halo Headquarters
Dec 02, 2004 By: Abdul75
Info on Halo and Halo 2
Halo iBonk
May 28, 2004 By: Strider85
An excellent site with lots of info, guides and secrets about Halo.
Oct 22, 2006 By: Jak_X_
Halo Squad: Halo: Combat Evolved
Oct 31, 2004 By: ffextreme
Includes walkthrough, images, wallpaper, characters, movies, guides, cheats codes, and more.
Halo: Tr7th and Reconciliation
Jun 23, 2002 By: MasterCheat
This is a Bungie.net site for halo.
Jun 04, 2003 By: Aciph3x
This site holds a huge amount of info on Halo, its charaters and even fan produced movies and images.
Aug 29, 2004 By: Terminal
This website features tons of information including stories, downloads, articles, etc. on Halo.
HS - The Halo Information Database
Oct 19, 2004 By: TablesandChairs4
A database of guides, tutorials and links to guides about Halo.
Joyride Studios
Jun 10, 2004 By: bismarck1414
Purchase Halo Figures Here!
Sep 24, 2003 By: Sicarius
Its NOT about Halo but its an RPG based on it (its based on the story line of Halo) you can make a profile telling people what your character looks like. Check it out...its not guna hurt you!!
The Halo Zone
Jul 08, 2002 By: dj__saturn
- You're traveling through a dimension beyond space and time. The signpost up head reads, "The Halo Zone."
Jul 31, 2007 By: Travis959
A webpage and community based on the Halo series.