Halo Own / Want List

Username Comments
angel of blood None
exsoldierCloudStrife None
The GGs I'd like to try out any of the two Halo games since they are said to be very good
Bakuaru Lord I REALLY WANT THIS!!!
Fusion10 I really want this
PegasusVentrice7 I've played it a little and loved it.
Life Achiever None
Nick56 None
pokemon12316 None
Draco Altair None
Anex 4 None
Enforcer8172 I want it, then use it with an Xbox 360
pwns_all None
Agent Pancakes None
ZalsViCH7 None
War Wolf Ninja None
HomophobicHobbit None
ghoster None
GameMasta210 None
crash bandicoot boy None
Darkhyperchaos None
ultraleft4dead None
Romanaxle None
Awful_Waffle64 None
st phase skeith None
mew2 n me None
Lu Bu LegendKiller None
Estaban216 None
Pokefriend None
Cobradabeast None
TechoBoy None
ezio_auditore502 None
TJK Reptile None
DroneTactics97 None