Halo Own / Want List

Username Comments
MattchuLB The one that started one of my favorite series ever.
leon scott kennidy not for sale
advent kid None
Redemption None
Gotenks None
Da Ork None
sorasbetterthanroxas None
Lucky Gamer Best FPS ever! Give em
Killerdog None
Witch Princess None
Slacker Got two copies... ^^
digipatd Technically, I own four copies
LanDi Sama None
Hybrid None
Sindrak None
InvaderHera None
U_know_who None
beatrixgamer None
nasty nappa None
Regard None
Crave None
TheBloodyClawofElena None
Conker the King None
Gravity None
Inferno Penguin None
Auria None
Azrael Blade None
Strider85 None
cobra2 How can you own an Xbox and NOT own this?
Liam None
evilmegaman None
Darkel None
ctrl None
Pogo the Monkey None
Nuggy None
MasterCheat None
Mystery None
Ren of Heavens None
Shana None
mstpaintball None
Hank228 I LIKE!
Ugochukwu Look at the list of somany owners. I think this game is the best.
mekid21 None
Megatonguilmon None
lkjhgfdsa None
Jelar None
harikari Greatness
mojothemonkey None
brandonspikes None