Bent on Humankind's extermination, a powerful fellowship of alien races known as the Covenant is wiping out the Earth's fledgling interstellar empire. You and the other surviving defenders of a devastated colony-world make a desperate attempt to lure the alien fleet away from Earth. Shot down and marooned on the ancient ring-world Halo, you begin a guerilla-war against the Covenant. Fight for humanity against an alien onslaught as you race to uncover the mysteries of Halo.
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Halo is a first-person shooter game where you take control of Master Cheif, a super soldier designed for combat. Travel through 10 different levels as you try to find a way into defeating the Covenant. Halo gives you a choice of using a lot of weapons including a rifle, pistol, rocket launcher, and even using the Covenant weapons. You may only carry up to 2 weapons that are different and up to eight grenades (four being fragment and four being plasma grenades). Rather than going through the entire levels on foot, you can also use vehicles to get around faster. Some of the Marine vehicles that are included are a warthog and a tank. Covenant vehicles include the Ghost and Banshee.


  • Huge weapon variety: Vanquish your enemies with a vast array of Human or Covenant weaponry ranging from the stealthy (Alien Needler guns) to the fierce (rocket launchers and assault rifles).

  • Vehicle and foot-based action: Tackle missions anyway you choose-be it storming an enemy base or taking the wheel or gunnery position of a variety of powerful vehicles. Vehicles range from stolen Covenant flyers & hovercraft to Human buggies, tanks and more.

  • Intense multiplayer shoot-outs: Form a team, choose a role, and fight cooperatively with your friends, battle it out Deathmatch style via intense split screen combat or fight co-op with a friend through the single player missions.

  • Incredible mission variety: Fight the Covenant in dozens of missions as you uncover the dark secrets of Halo. Among your many objectives - attack enemy outposts, raid underground labs for advanced technology, rescue fallen comrades, steal alien vehicles and weaponry and snipe enemy forces.

  • Reality-bending special effects: Halo features the most advanced graphic system on the most advanced gaming platform in the world. Gunfire rips off the screen, explosions light up a living room, and environments blur the line between your couch and fantasy.

  • Rich sci-fi experience: Halo transports gamers into a science fiction universe fresh out of a Hollywood movie. With a detailed twisting story-line, complex characters and cunning enemies Halo will fulfill every sci-fi enthusiasts dream.

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343 Industries today released a Halo: The Master Chief Collection trailer that actually debuted... posted Jul 07, 14 3:23am

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Im the best at CTF Team Snipers! Nobody can beat me! Halo PC

Bungie has a significant following that has boomed over 20 years, and with the studio leaving Halo behind in... posted Aug 04, 11 2:49pm

a game that moved me and was the video game of a life time Halo PC
a game that moved me and was the video game of a life time Halo PC

The Halo series is one of the best series franchise that was ever created, and it is one of the most hyped title. The series started with Halo: Combat Evolved and the latest is Halo Reach, no wonder why this series has this much of popularity, it all started from the very first killer app. The series has an overall natural feeling of epicness for the fans, the answer to the question is the fan. Without the existence of the loyal Halo fan, it wouldn't be that popular.

The game has a story that grabs the reader or the viewer more into it, and gives him lots of questions and answers as well, it is very interesting and complicated. The range at which the story takes place is huge and epic, starting with the ancient Forerunners wars with the Floods and through Human Civil conflicts to Covenant war and Flood domination into peace. This huge plot with tiny little stories, tons of it in each phase, the saga of the elites and the Arbiter. The origins of john-117, and the saga of the Halos. It is just incredible how the fictional universe of Halo was created and developed, it is just so true we can feel it as an alternative dimension. The amount of characters and each's origin and role in the universe, the large amount of technologies and information about everything makes it a huge series.

The Master Chief, John-117, probably the main reason of Halo's popularity. The character of the chief is so plain and simple, with no expression at all since his face is covered the whole time, but though the chief's character is far more complex and complicated by the fans. The fact that his face was never shown, and the assumption of his face being the helmet's glass sometimes, it is the mystery behind that green helmet. Master chief is one of the most popular character within a game's fan, you can tell he is higher in popularity and hype than Chuck Norris in the internet culture. Yes, indeed, it is the internet which also helped to rise this game's popularity.

When the release date for Halo 3 was announced, tons of advertisement were thrown all over the world. You can tell that each person on earth knew about Halo or the Master Chief, he was everywhere. On the streets, on subways, over the internet, TV and even soft drinks. It has stick itself to the culture, this Halo series. And with the end of the series, Reach being the last, the life of this series is still unkown. But predictions were made, and it was guaranteed that the Halo era would last for another 30 years.

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The best Halo. The best. Halo PC
Fun,Great storyline.Only completed easy level.Need to complete hard level for best ending in the 2 Halo's! Halo PC
Play this before all the other halo's Halo PC
Excellent shooter, great plot. Halo PC
  • Genre: Shooter (Xbox)
  • Theme(s): Sci-Fi (Futuristic)
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 15, 2001
    EuropeMar 14, 2002
    JapanApr 24, 2002
    AustraliaMar 10, 2003
  • Also known as:
  • Halo: Combat Evolved in North America / Japan / Europe / Australia
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