There is a problem on the colonized planet of Tir na Nog. Lieutenant Meridian Poe, the daughter of scientist Dr. Hebble Gate, is out to lead an insertion team which includes selectable characters, Kelly O'Lenmey and Saburouta Mishima. Gate, as well as all of the colonists, has gone missing, and Tir na Nog has been overrun with nasty insects. Now it is Meridian's job to stop her deranged dad from fooling around with a devastating comet that he is convinced holds the secrets to the universe.


  • Japanimation style graphics
  • Unique control method utilising both analogue sticks
  • Huge range of weapons
  • 25 different levels
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Pointless. There's something strangely... fun, about it though. Gunvalkyrie Xbox

Released back in 2002 and still a mainstay in bargain bins, Gun Yalkyrie is a...


The characters, all two of them, are pretty the same, I think. The game is good enough...


I went out one weekend, looking to buy Morrowind. Unfortunately, the game hadn't been...

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