In the action-shooter mech game, players assume the role of a freedom fighter who must protect the world from an evil invading force. Players also have the ability to transform into a jet at any point in the game. Much of the game takes place in outdoor spaces, and most of the environments are fully destructible.


  • Freely transform from powerful mecha to highly maneuverable jet fighter.

  • Tool-up with an extensive armoury of devastating weaponry. Customize your arsenal before each mission.

  • Engage in spectacular battles in a variety of breathtaking environments.

  • Scorch the earth, torch trees, crush rocks under foot, tear chunks out of towering buildings and raze entire settlements to the ground.

  • Truly leave your mark on the world as Gun Metal's 'persistent damage system' records every bit of destruction.

  • Take the fight to the enemy hordes as you progress through 14 diverse and engaging missions.

  • Battle a wide variety of enemy units ranging from scuttling foot soldiers to monstrous battle fortresses.

  • Assist the remaining battalions of allied forces as they take their last stand.

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Super Vegeta
Mar 17, 05 8:41am
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Feb 28, 03 2:34pm

Overall super game with great graphics, gameplay, and an awesome aresenal of weapons....

Feb 22, 03 6:05pm
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Feb 18, 03 11:11am
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Sep 14, 02 9:23pm

Could have easily earned a 4-5 stars, but the bads overweighed the goods.

Aug 10, 02 1:14am

With the last of your outer defences breached and the enemy moving ever onward...

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