Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.0/10

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Reviews

website score publish date
Boomtown 8/10 Jun 18 '05
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.0/10 Jul 05 '05
GameDaily 9/10 Jun 15 '05
Gamenikki 9/10 Oct 09 '05
Gamer's Hell 7.8/10 Jun 27 '05
GameZone 9.6/10 Jun 13 '05
Inside Gamer Online 9.4/10 Jun 27 '05
MS Xbox World 9/10 Jun 13 '05
TalkXbox 9.3/10 Jun 13 '05 90/100 Jun 13 '05
EuroGamer 9/10 Jun 16 '05
Gamespot 9.2/10 Jun 07 '05
Gamespy 5/5 Jun 08 '05
IGN Xbox 9.5/10 Jun 07 '05
Team Xbox 9.7/10 Jun 07 '05
Xbox Addict 7.0/10/10/10/10 Jun 09 '05
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Previews

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EuroGamer May 14 '04
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EuroGamer on Jun 17 '05

"As it stands now, it's far from perfect. But, divisive though its hip-hop ideology may be, and under-furnished some areas may feel, it still edges close enough often enough to be worthy of one of..."

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Gamenikki on Nov 05 '05

"But if you ignore that debate and focus on simple gameplay and presentation, there’s no question that this game is easily one of the best on the Xbox and a must-own for anyone without a PS2"

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Gamespy on Jun 09 '05

"Even though the title is largely the same game that we saw back in October of last year, there's no denying that this entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is the best ever. I played through the..."

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IGN Xbox on Jun 08 '05

"GTA: San Andreas is easy to recommend for a thousand reasons. There's just so much to do and have fun with, but even so there's still room for the guys at Rockstar to improve, and that's a pretty..."

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