Goldeneye: Rogue Agent Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.1/10

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Goldeneye: Rogue Agent Reviews

website score publish date
Game Chronicles Magazine 6.7/10 Nov 01 '05
GameDaily 4/10 Dec 06 '04
EuroGamer 2/10 Nov 30 '04
Gamespot 6.3/10 Nov 22 '04
Gamespy 2.5/5 Nov 22 '04
IGN Xbox 6.3/10 Nov 22 '04
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Goldeneye: Rogue Agent Previews

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IGN Xbox Jul 15 '04
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EuroGamer on Dec 02 '04

"The basic problem, when it comes down to it, is that nobody loved this game."

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IGN Xbox on Sep 03 '04

"The Hong Kong level also features some death traps, which can be used to take out enemies. A switch near a 20-foot tall dragon statue can be pressed to cause the dragon to spit flames to take out..."

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IGN Xbox on Nov 23 '04

"GoldenEye is an empty vessel of a game missing personality, charm, story or any kind of distinguishing character. If videogames were living creatures and had souls, Rogue Agent would be the..."

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