Long Ago In The Days Of Darkness And Magic... Strange things are occurring ina hillside castle surrounded by the warring chaos of powerhungry warlords. People are disappearing and the noble Princess Yuki fears for her future. One lone swordsman, Samanosuke heeds the princesses call for help and rushes to her side, only to find she has mysteriously vanished. Outside the fortress walls, enemy troops are attacking the castle and now Samanosuke must stand by his vow to avenge the princess and defeat legion of demon warriors.


  • Capcom's epic samurai adventure meets the power of the X-Box in this new, enhanced version.

  • Action-packed hardcore gameplay with new attack modes and stronger enemies – more than twice the gameplay of the original!

  • New evolving enemies, new areas to explore, enhanced action and modified difficulty level – a new hardcore gaming experience!

  • Green Soul "Rope-Pulling" system – dodge enemy attacks and fight your enemy tug-of-war-style to absorb valuable Green Souls
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There was a time when word of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami making a survival action game featuring... posted Oct 19, 10 7:51pm

A lot harder than the orignal, but the additions are great. GenmaOnimusha Xbox

genma onimusha is the upgraded version of onimusha warlords from the PS2 made for...


If they make a second game, than it's up for grabs! The horror, the excitement, and...


I think this game could be alot cooler if they were to implement more choices of...


I think this is one of the coolest games ever. I only wish there were a lot more...

The power of Xbox is utilized as Genma Onimusha displays more enemies simultaneously due to its powerful graphic... posted Oct 26, 01 11:37pm

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