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The game still has a lot of the elements that marked the previous incarnation. There are enemy spawn areas, called generators, and you must destroy them or you will be treated to a steady stream of enemies. The game does pay homage to the past franchise titles, but moves forward and is graphically a little more gruesome in some areas. The game also allows players to combo skills together for dynamic and visually impressive results.


  • Addictive Co-op Play: The franchise that started the cooperative play craze is revitalized, and back with two through four player co-op play.

  • Intuitive Combat Style: The intuitive hack-and-slash fighting system is reinvented to be more dynamic and more destructive when going up against swarms of enemies.

  • Amazing Graphics: A cutting edge rendering process brings the gorgeous character models, breath taking environments and animations to life.

  • Classic Heroes: The elf, Wizard, Warrior and Valkyrie return in Seven Sorrows, each hero specializing in their own class skill:
    - Elf: Glow - Generates a magical aura that can turn him into an explosive shockwave
    - Wizard: Mote Ignition - Transforms health giving energy spheres into elemental hazards the wizard can steer around him.
    - Warrior: Retribution - Quick magical retaliation against incoming attacks.
    - Valkyrie: Flock - Calls down dozens of ravens on chosen enemies.

  • Hordes of Enemies: Players will slash their way through a bevy of enemies that will be attacking them from all sides and angles.
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The latest game in the heralded Gauntlet franchise, Seven Sorrows attempts to combine...

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