A non-stop party game with an edge, Fuzion Frenzy transcends tradition with real-time multiplayer action, innovative game concepts, futuristic themes and characters, dynamic 3D environments, and next generation graphics and sounds. Fuzion Frenzy is an urban street sport competition loaded with head-to-head, fast-paced mini-games and a wide variety of gameplay offering something for everyone. Fuzion Frenzy, the party-style game play you love, in an environment that transports you to the future, only on the Xbox.


  • Non-Stop action - The fun never ends with Fuzion Frenzy's continuous action-packed game experience. Unlike turn-based games, Fuzion Frenzy provides real-time play for all players in both the main game and mini-games.

  • Superior mini-games - Fuzion Frenzy contains many different types of mini-games designed to broaded the appeal of the party game. All of Fuzion Frenzy's mini-games provide head-to-head, fast-paced, action-packed competition that requires strategy and skill to conquer.

  • Edgy, urban, futuristic theme and characters - Fuzion Frenzy's edgy, urban, futuristic environment delivers a party game core gamers can relate to. Gamers immerse themselves in the various futuristic arenas for a more compelling gaming experience.

  • Scaling - Players can customize the length of the game or play only individual mini-games.

  • Dynamic environments - Fuzion Frenzy includes highly interactive and constantly changing urban-arena environments. These changes make for a unique game playing experience every time.

  • Superior graphics and sound - Impactful and advanced visual effects and sound features are made possible with the power of Xbox technology.

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Fuzion Frenzy was the first original Xbox game designed for multiplayer. Sure, it...


Fuzion Frenzy is a really good multiplayer game. If you don't have friends to play it...


This game is more fit for a coaster, or something else than a game. The goals in the...


This game is definitely one of the under-rated games out for the Xbox. It has loads...


A frenzy? This ain't no frenzy. This is more of a dumb party. Uhhhhhh,me don't like...

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