: : : : : Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels


You are Ben, the leader of the biker gang known as the Polecats. Fight your way through your rival gang the Hound Dogs after you discover that your town is in trouble. Use a variety of different weapons pool cues, bottles and crowbars. Unleash havoc as you confront the Hound Dogs and take back what's yours.


  • Play as Ben - a tough biker with a sarcastic wit and the fists to back it up.
  • Throw punches, kick down doors and use objects like chairs and bottles as you fight in a rich interactive world.
  • Ride Ben's modified Corley motorcycle and engage in fierce combat at high speeds.
  • Solve unique puzzles and help Ben work his way through a series of adventures to uncover a mysterious plot to destroy the town.
  • Interact with over 50 characters in an engaging story with humorous dialogue and plenty of action.
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