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Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick mixes the comedy and fun of the campy horror movie series with intense combat missions and a number of puzzle-solving sequences for the most complete Evil Dead game yet! Take on the role of Ash, the chainsaw-armed hero from the Evil Dead trilogy, and fend off hordes of Zombies and Deadites with multiple weapons including the axe, rifle, shotgun and infamous chainsaw.


  • Watch bonus videos: Including a "making of the video" feature with Bruce Campbell.

  • Enjoy character voicing by a cult favorite: Bruce Campbell returns to voice the role of "Ash," delivering his signature taunts and one-liners.

  • Journey through time Vortexes: Learn about the past and future of Dearborn by visiting four distinct eras. The history of the deadite invasion will unfold before you.

  • Use two-armed attacks to control multiple weapons simultaneously: Deliver blows with your chainsaw, and then finish them off with your boomstick.

  • Pick up multiple classes of weapons: Then, upgrade with Duct Tape Engineering.

  • Defeat the deadites with the new spell casting system: Players have a new weapon in battles against deadites. Take them out with the Rain of Fire, shock them with a Stun spell, and more!

  • Master combo and chain attacks: Makes decapitating deadites swift and easy.

  • Play through the Story mode: You can also annihilate the deadites in two arcade modes.

  • Witness the deadite infection of the citizens of Dearborn: Throughout the game, the ratio of deadites to humans increases as the deadites infect citizens (from police officers, cheerleaders to bikers and football players) before your very eyes.

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