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Your most powerful weapon is your mind in ESPionage, the first action/stealth game to integrate traditional weapons combat with extensive Psi (psychic) mind powers.
In order to combat a terrorist movement set to overthrow world order, you as Nick Geller, an elite American Forces soldier, must fight using Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Mind Control, Remote Viewing, Mind Drain and Aura View to win a very serious "mind game" against an army of brainwashed psychic-terrorist super soldiers.


Combating a terrorist movement set to overthrow world order, Nick Scryer—an elite American Psi-Operative—fights using telekinesis (lifting and throwing objects), pyrokinesis (controlling fire), remote viewing (going "out-of-body" to plan attacks), mind drain (draining Psi energy from enemies), aura view ("seeing" elements that aren't visible in the real world) and mind control (taking control of enemies) to fight against an army of programmed, psychic terrorist super soldiers that will stop at nothing to reach their goal.

As Scryer, players must conquer a programmed super soldier army and its psychic agents while using Psi powers. In addition to Psi capabilities, players have access to traditional weapons such as handguns and automatic weaponry. As players strategically navigate seven huge immersive levels within four distinct compounds, they encounter multiple ways to solve missions, which greatly adds to the replay value


  • First and only action/stealth game to integrate weapons combat with extensive and unique Psi mind control powers:

  • Telekinesis. The ability to pick up people & objects and hold, move or throw in any direction.

  • Pyrokinesis. The ability to launch a wall of fire that ignites everything in its path.

  • Mind Control. The ability to take control of enemy bodies.

  • Remote Viewing. The ability to go "out-of-body" to see through walls or doors in order to plan your "attack" and/or get information you would not be able to get in physical form.

  • Mind Drain. The ability to drain Psi power from enemies, which results in death to the victim.

  • Aura View. The ability to "see" elements that aren't visible in the real world.

  • Intense, fast-paced action with strategic stealth elements. The emphasis is on action (80%), with elements of stealth (20%).

  • In addition to Psi mind control powers, traditional weapons still play a major role in gameplay. Handguns, automatic weapons, rifles and grenades combined with unique Psi powers create an extraordinary and powerful gameplay dynamic.

  • Engaging and compelling storyline reveals the mystery of Jack's identity and the origin of his Psi powers while infiltrating the compounds of "The Movement," a powerful Psi terrorist organization.

  • Six huge and immersive levels within four distinct military compounds spread throughout the world add to the intrigue and terrorist theme.

Editor's Note:

Previously titled "ESPionage".

Added on: March 07, 2003

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Jul 22, 10 1:49pm
The Psi Practise Room is really the only good thing about the game. The rest of it has dull atmosphere and is hard as hell. PsiOpsTheMindgateConspiracy PS2
Dec 12, 08 6:55am
fun PsiOpsTheMindgateConspiracy PS2
Dec 09, 08 3:28am
TOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD! PsiOpsTheMindgateConspiracy PS2
Aug 04, 08 5:27am
Good but I'm stuck halfway through with no hope of beating it. PsiOpsTheMindgateConspiracy PS2
Jun 28, 08 7:32pm
fun, you get to blow people PsiOpsTheMindgateConspiracy PS2
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
Fun Game, Especially When Psi Surfing On A Box XD PsiOpsTheMindgateConspiracy PS2
Super Vegeta
Dec 28, 04 11:31am
added 4 cheats
Jul 04, 04 9:47am

I can safetly say that this game is good and worth a rental. Worth a buying? That is...

Jun 15, 04 12:30am
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