The world of Enclave is a planet that is split in two rifts, one ruled by good and the other by evil. Now the rifts are closing in to unite the planet, and both sides are preparing for the war. You enter as a warrior on either side, and depending on whether you choose the Light or the Dark, you are quickly thrust into a multi-player oriented battle of epic proportions.


  • Breathtaking, fast-paced medieval combat action

  • Beautiful, never-before-seen 3D graphics & astounding special fx

  • Epic soundtrack & impressive sound fx

  • 25+ highly detailed fantasy themed missions + secret bonus games

  • 12 different playable character classes, 5 mighty end bosses

  • Dozens of weapons, objects and magical items

  • Light and Dark Campaign: Two separate story driven single player campaigns

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This game is FRICKIN' IMPOSSIBLE. I had to use cheats to get past the second level. And the next. And all other levels. With cheats,... Enclave Xbox
Ha ha im the only 1 to own it. Enclave Xbox

I know I am going to get flack for completely changing my views on this one, but hey...


Review property of search66 and

"Probably the most difficult genre for game...


the game itself is very good but it is the fact that if you die you have to do the...


Similiar to previous views I have had to change my mind about this game.
Due to the...


In the interest of fairness, I feel the need to revise some of my opinions in my...


In the interest of fairness, I feel the need to revise some of my opinions in my...


Like i said the graffix have had a lot of time spent on them and make the game look...

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