: : : : : Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey


A lawless band, known as the Outsiders, has threatened Dinotopia. They have invaded the towns, enraged the carnosaurs and revived the mechanical strutters. Now it's gotten personal because they have taken your family hostage. It's your job to be Dinotopia's guardian, and it's only hope for survival. Based on the acclaimed books and T.V. mini series.


  • Defend the island of Dinotopia as you battle against the most dangerous foes.

  • A mix of hand-to-hand fighting, puzzle solving, and exploration, all lying in wait on the mysterious island of Dinotopia.

  • Travel through 24 mysterious levels on foot, in the air and by vehicle as you experience the dazzling array of sights, sounds, and enemies.

  • Over 16 enemy types including dinosaurs, vile swamp creatures, evil tribes and robot dinos.

  • 3 modes of gameplay: ground mounted, on-foot, and air mounted

  • Ride an exciting array of dinos and vehicles including a Skybax (Pterodactyl type of creature) and Strutter (armored dinosaur-like vehicle)
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