Deathrow is an over-the-top, combat sport game where 13 teams of players compete in a brutal, futuristic slugfest. Prevail by scoring points during timed matches, or by knocking them out senseless in the arena. Customize your own team, and build your players' stats in between matches. Multiplayer support for up to 8 players.


  • Multiplayer support for up to eight players

  • Highly detailed characters, modeled using more than 55 bones each for life-like movement, and up to 7000 polygons each for a realistic character shape

  • Facial animation capable of blinking and talking, and expressing pain, anger, happiness and other moods

  • More than 15 combat sports arena locations, each with their own unique architecture and gameplay elements

  • 13 playable teams, each with their own background, special abilities, and motivation for competing

  • Automatic victory if you remove all of your opponent's players from the field of combat

  • Team management component allowing you to customize your own team according to your style of play. Build your players' statistics from match to match while gaining speed and power bonuses

  • Injured players can be healed between rounds if you have enough money, or you must save your winnings to buy them back

  • More than 130 unique characters
    Dozens of holds

  • Over 800 base animations

  • Xbox effects such as bump-mapping, specular lighting and bumped reflection mapping

  • The ability for users to import their own music

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best 7 dollars i've ever spent on an xbox game. Deathrow Xbox
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Sort of a cross-between Basketball and wrestling, Deathrow has been the precursor to a...

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This game came out of nowhere, and as it turns out, I think it's one of the best games...

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Good graphics, will keep you entertained for hours. Stuck, then why not add another...

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