Dead Or Alive Ultimate Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.6/10

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Dead Or Alive Ultimate Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.6/10 Jan 01 '05
GameDaily 8/10 Oct 29 '04
Gamer Within 8.5/10 Jul 10 '05
Gaming Excellence 9.0/10 Jun 14 '05
Inside Hotwire 3D 9/10 Nov 13 '04
Adrenaline Vault 3.5/5 Nov 24 '04
EuroGamer 8/10 Feb 16 '05
Game Over 90% Nov 29 '04
GameSpot 8.8/10 Oct 26 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Oct 26 '04
IGN Xbox 9.2/10 Oct 26 '04
Team Xbox 9.5/10 Oct 26 '04
Xbox Addict 8.0/10 Dec 24 '04
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Dead Or Alive Ultimate Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot May 15 '02
Team Xbox Jun 08 '04
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Quoted from Dead Or Alive Ultimate Reviews:
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"Dead or Alive Ultimate is entertaining, but not for the hardcore fighting fan. Every move is very easy to pull off, it's more a matter of learning the best combos, and what each character will throw at you so you can properly defend yourself. Beyond that, you need the reflexes to react quickly more so than skillfully. That said, not everyone is looking for the likes of Tekken or Virtua Fighter, so it shouldn't be dismissed. Online play is surely a huge plus, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better looking title on a home console."
"...this may not be quite up to the standards of Soul Calibur II as a beat-'em-up, but it's a great post-pub fighting game, with stunning graphics, accessible gameplay (although button-mashers are generally not welcome at this party, as they're easily dealt with by anyone who knows how to do any kind of counter or throw) and a selection of brutal-looking moves that will have everyone on the couch wincing and sucking in their breath as Kasumi goes flying headfirst down the stairs of the Great Wall of China - again."
"At the ongoing E3, we had an opportunity to chat with Tomonobu Itagaki, the head of Tecmo's Team Ninja development team, who is currently working on both Dead or Alive Online and Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. Itagaki mentioned that the impetus for releasing an online Dead or Alive game stemmed from people's disappointment in not being able to play Dead or Alive 3 on Xbox Live. "I'm glad everyone enjoyed Dead or Alive 3," he said"
"For a game that's so bold as to call itself "Ultimate," DOAU sure comes close. It truly is the best, most fully featured Dead or Alive fighting game yet."
"With beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay, and all new environments, costumes and fighting moves, Dead or Alive Ultimate is the perfect fighting game compilation for the Xbox."