In the year 2548, a mysterious ship named the Ozymandius has recently re-emerged in space after its disappearnce 300 years ago. The ship is over-populated by mutated dinosaurs and there are no signs of survivors. You play as Patrick, a special ops officer, who is sent in with his team to discover what has really happened to this ship.


Equipped with hyper-speed booster units, players can maneuver quickly throughout the environments. Patrick's tight hand-eye coordination and lighting fast reflexes accurately blast any moving target no matter what speed they are traveling at. This new type of control is a break from anything ever seen and will offer new challenges and more freedom of movement. Visually, Capcom has focused it's attention on achieving a sense of scale and solidifying the craft's detail.


  • Awesome story: Based on the popular Dino Crisis franchise.

  • Unique gaming environment: Adventure through a dynamically changing 3-D galactic ship.

  • Intense battles: Move fast and sharpen your reflexes.

  • Challenging objectives: Change the spaceship layout, collect objects, and solve puzzles.

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