The Paris-Dakar Rally famously pits 350 drivers against each other in a gruelling race over 6,500 miles. Participants race a variety of mixed-terrain vehicles including motorcycles, off-road 4X4 trucks and rally cars. Drivers are not only subjected against the fierce competition of several hundred other drivers but also need to battle against the most severe rallying conditions from the vastly challenging terrain and intense climate and weather conditions.


  • Exclusive worldwide rights to Dakar: The number-one off-road rally race experience.

  • Fully updated licensed vehicle roster for 2003: Monstrous trucks, hard-driving cars, and lightning-quick motorcycles.

  • Arcade rally action: Race against the clock, and pull off moves that competitors in the real Dakar Rally wouldn't dare try.

  • All-new level of environmental interaction: Including crazed spectators, wild animals, dangerous explosives, and more.

  • A dozen massively interactive environments: Including quaint French villas, dense Moroccan forests, vast African deserts, and more.

  • Customizable vehicle types: Tweak suspension, tires, and more to create the ultimate off-road racing machine.

  • Race-altering vehicle damage: Wreak havoc on unwitting competitors.

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