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Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge combines the thrills of air voyage and combat with the swashbuckling style of an action-adventure movie. Players pilot powerful fantasy aircraft in a game reminiscent of a classic Hollywood tale, as they battle enemy aces and navigate tricky stunts in single and multiplayer modes. As the handsome and daring air pirate Nathan Zachary, players barnstorm through 1930s America hunting down the murderers of Nathan's best friend.


  • Fully tricked-out war birds: Gamers can pilot 10 warplanes, armed to the teeth with detonator cannons, tesla guns, remote-controlled rockets, or a nimble gyro-copter. They can swoop and dive to elude bogeys just itching to take down the good guys.

  • Flight school not required: Gamers command the air with ease, in the true spirit of combat flying. The thrilling gameplay in Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge focuses on the art of "shoot-'em-up" gameplay; no heavy flight manual is needed.

  • Intense dogfights via Xbox Live: Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge empowers gamers to battle friends and foes alike, online, through the Xbox Live online game service. Gamers can experience multiple game modes, including head-to-head dogfighting and Capture the Flag.

  • Multiple ways to complete missions: Exhilarating missions give gamers the freedom to accomplish goals, either from the cockpit of customizable planes or behind the twin barrels of antiaircraft guns on trains, zeppelins, and hover-copters.

  • Great heroes, great rewards: A deep reward system turns every battle into an opportunity for fortune. Gamers can earn upgrades and new planes, including the new gyro-copter.

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