Chicago Enforcer Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 3.4/10

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Chicago Enforcer Reviews

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GameSpot 2.7/10 Feb 11 '05
IGN Xbox 4.0/10 Mar 07 '05
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Chicago Enforcer Previews

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G4techTV Feb 08 '05
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GameSpot on Feb 14 '05

"Chicago Enforcer accurately re-creates what it must be like to be on the wrong end of a mob shakedown, because by the end of it, you'll feel like you've had your head caved in with a lead pipe."

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IGN Xbox on Mar 08 '05

"...Chicago Enforcer is not worth a purchase, even at the budget price of 19.99. Any fun that could be squeezed out of this poorly designed title is negated by long loading times and unbalanced game..."

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