The sequel to the shooter Shikigami no Shiro comes to the US! Stunning graphics along with a great blend of 2D and 3D graphics and animation Detailed plots and storylines with each character.


  • Up to 8 different characters, 1 of which is unlockable

  • 2 different character forms which alters their abilities

  • Story mode: View the origins of each main character from the game

  • More enemies with increased attack power and patterns featuring 11 main bosses

  • 3 different Game Modes: Arcade, Practice and Boss Attack
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Ryu Iraki
Jun 24, 09 7:01am
I like how it looks like a arcade game CastleShikigami2 Xbox
Dec 12, 06 8:54pm
Only good if you play with other ppl. CastleShikigami2 Xbox
Jul 20, 05 5:13am
added 7 new screenshots
Jul 06, 04 6:50am
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