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Before his death, the last descendant from a line of African Kings reveals an ancient secret concealed for centuries, regarding the long-lost treasure of his world. Shortly after the death of the descendant, famous African antiquities are reported missing from museums throughout the world. Missing or stolen? Could it be the infamous thief? The player is the new young special agent intern at A.C.M.E. and could be one step beyond Carmen's next move and capture her once and for all.


Now, join A.C.M.E. agent-in-training, Cole Gannon, along with Jules Argent and Shadow Hawkins, in an all-new action-adventure on the trail of Carmen Sandiego, the world's greatest thief. This case will take Cole around the world; from a museum in New York, to the beaches of New Zealand, to the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, and that's just the beginning. While on the case, Cole will have to use acrobatics, stealth, martial arts, and most of all, his wit, to stop Carmen from unearthing the drums and making off with the lost treasure!


  • Travel to 9 different locations on 5 continents, encountering local enemies.
  • Accommodate and conquer different enemy behaviors by using your stealth maneuver tactics.
  • Challenge your wits to interactive puzzles.
  • Password decoders, Zoomlenses and a GPS tracker are just a few of the many gears and gadgets available.
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