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Cabela's Deer Hunt: 2004 Season is the most realistic deer hunting game ever developed. There are vast regions, 9 varieties of deer with over 94 racks, more ways to track game animals, awesome animal AI and a wide variety of weights, ages and migration patterns. You will need all of your senses to locate, track and bag the buck of a lifetime! So put on your blaze orange and let the hunt begin!


  • 9 different species.

  • Multiple ages and both sexes of deer represented, including fawns.

  • Varying sizes of deer within the same species.

  • More than 90 different racks with a range of sizes and number of points.

  • A great variety of sound and movements.

  • Nine regions to explore and hunt

    Extreme realism:

  • Cabela's features the most realistic game animals, with all weights, ages, sexes and over 94 different racks represented.

  • Animal AI is based on a large number of attributes, not only sight, hearing, smell and speed, but also bedding, aggression, daily routines, and sociability.

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