A fleet of United Space Corps attack cruisers returns home to Earth from a battle against the alien Breed in the Besalius star system only to find the planet overrun by the very same alien force! Now a guerrilla war is waged against the Breed on Earth to ensure the future of humankind. Breed allows you to fight such battles using a variety of vehicles including tanks and air/space craft, all in 3D.


  • Put your huge arsenal to use: MPs, MGs, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, grenade and rocket launchers, and plasma slingers

  • Whether on land, in the air, or in space, you'll always have the right gear at your fingertips: fighter jets, landing crafts, tanks, jeeps, buggies. … Buckle up and rock!

  • 18 nerve-wracking missions that will make your blood boil
    Gigantic interior and exterior locations are all realistically destructible. Brave the jungle of house-to-house warfare

  • Totally nerve-shattering multiplayer battles as a BREED or USC combatant: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Assault Mode

  • 3D graphics like in motion picture quality: first-rate video sequences and amazingly detailed vehicles, weapons, and special effects

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