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Breakdown Reviews

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EuroGamer 5/10 Jun 22 '04
Extreme Gamer I represent and I just discovered the NeoSeeker site. I will be submitting our review.. Hope you can post them. 75% Mar 29 '04
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.3/10 Mar 16 '04
GameDaily 6/10 Apr 08 '04 Well written and includes many details about the game. 7.4/10 Mar 29 '04 7/10 Oct 14 '05
Inside Hotwire 3D 8.0/10 Apr 08 '04
Thunderbolt 6/10 Mar 28 '04
Game Critics 3.5/10 Apr 07 '04
Game Revolution D+ Mar 19 '04
Gamespot 7.6/10 Mar 16 '04
Gamespy 3/5 Mar 20 '04
IGN Xbox 6.7/10 Mar 16 '04
NTSC-uk 3/5 Feb 21 '04
Team Xbox 8.5/10 Mar 16 '04
Total Games 80/100 Mar 04 '04
Xbox Addict 84% Mar 31 '04
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EuroGamer on Dec 03 '04

"There's something about the first-person shooter genre that Japanese developers just don't get. After 12 solid years of running and gunning, you would struggle to count the number of FPSs..."

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Game Chronicles Magazine on May 06 '04

"Other than a gripping story, Breakdown’s other claim to fame is its true first-person interface."

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Game Revolution on Mar 23 '04

"Bad AI, boring level design and some aggravating gameplay issues take all the fun out of being a super soldier."

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Gamespy on Mar 19 '04

"A first-person fighting game where the lead character's called Derrick? Where do we sign up?! Next time though, try and make sure the combat ain't so annoying."

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IGN Xbox on Mar 17 '04

"Breakdown has a lot of problems. The level design is boring, the textures on the environments suck, the AI is simplistic, and some moments will have you reaching for the airsick bag, and yet I..."

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