This title features X medallist Dave Mirra, and 2000 X Games Champion Ryan Nyquist. As in the first game, other top BMX pros will be included to round out the action. Players can create their own rider and choose their own sponsors, complete a variety of challenges to progress through the game and earn the respect of fellow riders. The ultimate goal is to unseat Dave Mirra as the top BMX rider.


  • The only game that features ten-time World Champion and 11 time X-Games champion, Dave Mirra

  • State-of-the-art Park Editor and Create-a-Rider lets you take your BMX experience to an whole new level

  • A roster of 14 BMX pros exclusively including Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, and Rick Moliterno

  • 8 massive levels, 4 times bigger than before, for the very best in vert, dirt, street and park riding including the entire "BMX Mecca" Camp Woodward

  • Innovative S.I.K. trick system with the new grind, wall ride, manual and lip trick modifiers allows you to pull over 1500+ tricks

  • 10 competitive multiplayer games

  • More than 40 real life BMX sponsors will add even more realism to this intense title

Hardware Requirements

Custom track compatible
Vibration function compatible
In game Dolby Digital

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Jul 10, 09 12:49am
tring to get past the grind the freakin 525 rail on the hardcore at woodland camp it sucks DaveMirraFreestyleBMX2 Xbox
Heralmina and 3 others own Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
Mar 20, 09 12:07pm
Objectives were a little to DaveMirraFreestyleBMX2 PS2
Jul 31, 08 6:15am
boring DaveMirraFreestyleBMX2 PS2
Jul 16, 08 3:26pm
added a cheat
Mar 25, 07 1:19am
fun! DaveMirraFreestyleBMX2 PS2
Mar 02, 05 4:20am
borrowed it from friend. naf game DaveMirraFreestyleBMX2 PS2
May 26, 04 2:52am
mediocre DaveMirraFreestyleBMX2 PS2
Feb 24, 03 10:29pm
added a cheat
Dec 09, 01 1:23pm
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