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One day, the Time Bandits created Time Crystals, but there were too many of them and they turned into Time Monsters. To save the world, Blinx must defeat them all and turn them back into Crystals, as well rescue the princess who is being held captive. With his squad of tough, agile cats, they must use their time control powers to battle menacing time monsters, outmaneuver the criminal pig gang, and discover why time is disappearing


  • Control time as the hero: Play the role of a heroic cat and control time to face tough battles and puzzling challenges. Pause, slow, fast-forward, rewind...it's just like using a VCR remote control on the real world.

  • Control space as the enemy: Become a sneaky pig and control the space continuum in stealth missions. Make warp holes to transport past guards, create bottomless pits to trap enemies, and more. Controlling space means having worm holes and black holes available on-command.

  • Work as a team: Get a teammate to play through the story together in two-player Cooperative mode. Overcome tough enemies and unique two-player challenges with strategy and teamwork.

  • Square off against friends: Compete in the new Battle mode to use time and space powers against friends. Up to four players can simultaneously battle on one Xbox.

  • Show your style: Customize the face, body, and clothing of characters. This is a first among action-platformers. More than 25 characteristics can be adjusted in up to 100 ways, so gamers can make the characters as unique as they are

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