You assume the role of Nikki Connors out on a mission to take down terrorist factions after your family has been killed in an explosion. Complete different objectives and obstacles in each of the eight missions. Go deep inside the underground world of terrorism and into the heart of government. Use stealth to your advantage and pick pockets of your enemies and then take them down with a wide variety of combo techniques.


  • Mission success in Rogue Ops relies on undetected operations. Players can hide in the shadows, suspend from ceilings, seek refuge inside environmental objects like storage lockers or slide against walls to peer around corners.

  • Heightened enemy AI. When alerted, enemies investigate suspicious behavior and circumstances. Once enemies go to full alert, they never return to routine patrol.

  • Eight action-packed missions featuring challenging objectives in 8 diverse environments. Engaging dialogue advances the plot through surprising twists and revelations.

  • Extensive arsenal. Nikki's weapons include pistol, shocker, sniper rifle, crossbow, shuriken, smoke bomb, frag grenade, jamming grenade, remote mine and proximity mine. Depending on the circumstances, players must choose weapons that will not set off alarms or draw attention.

  • Cutting-edge spy tools. Field innovations include retina scanner, V.I.S.E.R., fly cam, thermal optical camouflage, adrenaline boost, communication system and grapple hook. Limited battery power on some devices helps balance game play and strategy.

  • Cinematically scored soundtrack. Dramatic music and realistic audio effects elevate the intensity of this amazing game experience.

Editor's Note:

Previously titled "Black Ops".

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