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Barbie and her friends are asked for help when a group of wild horses run away. Explore 5 stunning areas, some trails on foot, and learn riding moves. Some of the lost horses are ponies and require more care by petting and coaxing them. Customize their own riding horses, choosing names and decorating them with new riding tack, saddles, and colorful coats. Features include multiplayer options in ride with friends, race, or explore the world provided.


  • Race after missing wild horses: Carefully lasso each one, and lead them to safety.

  • Customize your horse: Give it a name, and pick its riding rack, saddle, and coat.

  • Explore a real-time 3-D world: Gallop through river valleys, trot carefully across cracking ice, and more.

  • Gain special skills: For example, you can gallop as you collect power-ups.

  • Nurture lost baby horses: Pet and coax them to safety.

  • Try out the multiplayer options: Ride with a friend, or challenge her to a race.
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still good to play! BarbieHorseAdventures Xbox
Feb 25, 04 2:46pm

What is there to say? its a horrible game that my sister seems to find attractive (i...

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