The game begins when Sarge returns from a top-secret mission only to discover that in his absence the Tan Army have launched a sneak attack on his homeland...and attack so brutal it wipes out Green Army H.Q. and his entire squad. This attack will change Sarge forever and introduce a new villain into the Army Men universe, a madman who will stop at nothing to destroy the Green nation.


The player controls Sarge in a movie-like combat experience featuring incredible plastic destruction effects. Gameplay is similar to Sarge's Heroes with less emphasis on run and gun and strafing, and more emphasis on actual combat tactics that require the player to use cover, stealth, and specific weapons to defeat specific enemies. Sarge's War will be harder edged than previous games in the Sarge's Heroes series.


  • A dynamic new vision for the Army Men franchise, a vision that is edgier and grittier than previous titles, and will revitalize the Army Men brand.
  • Over 600 fluid motion-capture animations with seamless blending.
  • Outrageous, over-the-top plastic destruction effects (melting, dismemberment, see through holes in the models and decals) for infantry troops.
  • Intelligent Enemy AI on the Emotion Engine. Enemies seek cover, hunt, patrol, outflank, attack and avoid the player - creating realistic and unpredictable challenges.
  • New and improved weapons that are critical for completing mission objectives including flame-thrower, sniper rifle, shotgun, bazooka and mounted machine gun.
  • 12 levels of play, spanning the battle ravaged "Army Men World" and "Our World", where combat rages in gigantic environments.

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