Amped 2 makes more advancements for the ultimate experience in freestyle snowboarding. Master new aerial tricks, a full set of styled-out rail slides, and "butter" (the center of a new combo system). Gamers can track stats, trade replays with friends, and download new content including mountains, gear, challenges and music via Xbox Live. Create a snowboarder or play as any of the top 14 pros including Jeremy Jones, Mikey LeBlanc, Travis Parker and Janna Meyen.


  • Multiple multiplayer modes: Via split-screen, LAN, or Xbox Live, Amped 2 offers a ton of multiplayer challenges.
  • Whole new bag of tricks: Amped 2 takes all the moves from Amped and adds new aerial tricks; advanced grabs; a full set of styled-out rail slides, tweaks, stalls, and hand and foot plants; and introduces "Butter," the center of a new combo system that allows nose and tail manuals to link tricks together. A new tutorial also teaches first timers the basics of freestyle riding.
  • World-wide nation of snowboarders via Xbox Live: Who's got bragging rights? Now, gamers will be able to find out by challenging riders around the globe to see who's the best. Track stats and check regional and world-wide ladders to see rankings. Trade replays with friends or download new content, including mountains, gear, challenges, and music.
    Deeper career and portfolio: Gamers now have more opportunities to impress the locals and the press with three levels of media challenges: photos, photo sequences, and video demo reels. As fame builds, sponsors award new gear and boards and banners appear on the mountains, displaying new endorsements won.
  • Ultimate snowboarding environments: Amped 2 goes global with the addition of new mountains, including Laax, Switzerland, Mt. Buller in Australia, and heli-riding Harris Mountain in New Zealand. Fully rendered 3-D environments bring the mountains alive. Clouds cast shadows that move over the hills, and the runs teem with ambient life and sounds, including other riders, snow-cats, people riding the chairlifts, and working snow machines.
  • Professional snowpark design: World-renowned terrain park designer Chris "Gunny" Gunnarson again lends his expertise exclusively to the Amped 2 park design, improving trick placement, adding more trickable objects, and doubling the size of many jumps, making it easier to land in transition.
  • More than 300 core indie tracks: Gamers can ride to their own tracks, burnt to the hard disk, but may never feel the need, with a library of more than 300 original cuts to listen to from the latest up-and-coming indie artists.
  • Greater character customization: Gamers can create and customize their own rider, including hair style, gear, and customized board graphics. Selecting a personality which will come to life as he or she rides.
  • Fourteen of the top professionals: Amped 2 features 14 top snowboarding pros, including Jeremy Jones, Mikey LeBlanc, Travis Parker, and Janna Meyen.

Hardware Requirements

Custom track compatible
System Link compatible
In game Dolby Digital
X-Box Live compatible
Vibration function compatible

Official URL

Official Site
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