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Pulling off awesome tricks and stunts on your board feels good but it feels better when spectators and the press see it! Your objective in Amped is to get noticed and become one of the World's top 10 snowboarding media superstars. There are 120 different runs with half-pipes, kickers, rails, hidden areas and more.


  • Open Freestyle Riding. Forget miles of barren wasteland and tight tunnel racers. Trick off of a huge variety of jumps and rails on wide-open mountain runs.

    -Jib, bonk or spin between runs to hidden areas and cool jump sequences designed for trick combos.

  • Spectacular Real Mountains. Ride the runs on real mountain resorts: Utah's Brighton, Vermont's Stratton and California's Snow Summit.
    - See jaw-dropping mountain graphics built for-not ported to-the Xbox.

    - Unlock international fantasy venues designed by world-renown terrain architect Chris Gunnerson.

  • Be a Snowboarding Media Star. Earn exposure points to become one of the World's top10 snowboarding media superstars.

    - Pull tricks in front of roaming spectators to gain exposure-multipliers depend on who sees you and how good you look.

    - Take on challenges like "follow the pro" or shred the bark off of trees to gain exposure and unlock mountains .

  • More music. Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding offers ten CDs worth of hot new indie music from pounding hip-hop to rhythmic reggae.

    - The game includes over 220 songs from core indie labels.

    - Players can also rip their own songs onto Xbox, make their own playlists and import them into the game.

  • More In-Game Choice for Maximum Replayability. Make your gameplay choices on the mountain, not in a menu of disconnected events. Start at the top of a peak and decide how you want to win.

    - Jump between 120 different runs packed with rails, kickers, and half-pipes, each with 6 unique challenges, hidden areas and a rotating stream of spectators for a different ride every time.

    - Experience true freestyle multiplayer - When you're not showing off, taunt or throw snowballs at your friends in freestyle multiplayer competition.

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