Venture into the unknown and bizarre world of Alter Echo. In this sci-fi universe you assume the role of Nevin, an unlikely hero with super abilites who doesn't understand the world he is about to step into. You have the ability to morph into three different forms as your unique suit has some frightening powers. Along with your suit and unthinkable powers you also have the ablitiy to stop time dead in it's tracks.


  • Intense action set in a fantastical and unique universe
  • Play a hero with the ability to instantly morph into one of 3 different modes:
    Become a martial arts master of hand-to-hand fighting techniques, wielding dual bladed weapons when you morph into Melee Mode
    Morph into Gun Mode to become a heavily armored man-tank that spews a range of living projectiles
    Use your chameleon-like abilities to blend in the shadows, to leap distances, and to climb impossible surfaces when you morph into Stealth Mode
  • TimeDilation technology allows you to manipulate time; feezing action in order cue up a series of moves and attacks that you can unleash on your enemies
  • PostFX Camera System technology intensify every action with dynamic cinematic techniques such as motion blur and jag, depth of field effects, variable camera lenses, viewfinders, tracking shots and magnifiers

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