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Alias Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.8/10 Jun 11 '04
GameDaily 5/10 Apr 30 '04
GameSpot 6.3/10 Apr 08 '04
IGN Xbox 7.3/10 Apr 06 '04
Team Xbox 6.9/10 Apr 09 '04
Total Games 39/100 Apr 01 '04
Xbox Addict 8.0/10/10/10/10 Apr 14 '04
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Alias Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot May 17 '03
Gamespy May 16 '03
Gaming-Age Jul 30 '03
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Quoted from Alias Reviews:
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"Featuring an original story and script by the show's authors, as well as the likeness of leading actress Jennifer Garner for the game's main character, Alias will be a stealth action game that sends Garner's character Sydney Bristow undercover on a mission to infiltrate and subvert the sinister SD-6 organization."
"The core concepts found within Alias are of a proven ilk, but the devil's in the details, as they say, and the sloppy execution of said concepts can't keep the game enjoyable for very long."
"On a variety of international missions -- from Tokyo to Vegas -- Sydney will also get help from her former partner Dixen, her CIA handler Vaughn, and gadget-maker extraordinaire Marshall."
"Game play offers a blend of combat, espionage and stealth. Incredible combat system enables players to simultaneously fight multiple opponents in fierce hand-to-hand combat." "
"Alias is not a game for the ages, it won't blow your socks off or have you playing through it numerous times, but it's a good game."