Based on the animated series and the movie Aeon Flux lets you play as a female assassin, Flux. Flux gets orders to infilitrate Bregna, the worlds last surviving city-state and eliminate it's leader. But of course, she uncovers a world full of secrets.


The game play features include fatalities and acrobatic finishing moves, futuristic gadgets, objectives which change as the allegiances shift between different eras and generations of Bregnans and stunt moves which use grappling hooks and allow players to scale walls and also allows players to take on the role of assassin Flux as they employ lethal abilities to disrupt the soul crushing tyranny that pervades the walled, protected city state Bregna, ruled by a congress of scientists.


  • An interactive journey into the world of Aeon Flux based on the MTV animated series and upcoming movie release

  • Oscar® winning actress Charlize Theron's voice and likeness to appear as "Aeon Flux" – her first interactive feature!

  • Slow down time using 'Flux' and aim at enemies with precision

  • Chain together acrobatic stunts and maneuvers for devastating attacks

  • Destructive futuristic weapons and bone-crunching grappling fatalities help defeat opponents

  • Sci-fi based gadgets aid in solving puzzle elements throughout the game

  • Independent episodes bridge the storyline of the animated series to the feature film

  • Objectives change as allegiances shift between different eras and generations of Bregnans

  • Style Meter rewards sensational accomplishments by the player

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