When contestants take the stage, all hell breaks loose as free-for-all combat ensues. Contestants must use power-ups and zany weapons such as giant staplers and rubber ducky grenades to flatten their opponents and win a grand prize that's out of this world.


  • 8 extensive special missions set across 8 different and varied areas including the Bronx, City Dump, Warehouse, OCP Tower and many more!

  • Battle against over 30 deadly enemies with advanced artificial intelligence.

  • Huge range of weapons available including the Beretta, Automatic Rifle, Cobra Cannon, Rocket Launcher and many many more.

  • Absolutely stunning visual effects including, atmospheric lightning, smoke, fog & dynamic sound effects.

  • Real time authentic cinematics keeping you in suspense as you carry out your investigations.

  • Multi-target lock: Robocop can aim and shoot at several different targets at the same time!

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